While searching for a map of Brooklyn on the internet I discovered a screen captured Google map with hand drawn marks indicating areas of wealth and poverty. The image was located on a hockey chat room in 2012. The careless mark-making in a primitive Mac Paint-esque style inspired me to create an updated map of Brooklyn in 2015.

Screen shot 2015-02-19 at 7.44.21 PM
Brooklyn 2015. A response to a map found on the internet of Brooklyn in 2012
Screenshot of map found on internet chat room Feb 18 2015
Screenshot of map found on internet chat room Feb 18 2015


There’s a line on the Midnight Marauders album by Q-tip “I’m the black intellect, but unrefined”. Until now I always thought he said “I’m the black internet…” That got me thinking, what does a black internet look like? #blacklivesmatter

2015 .jpeg
I’m the black internet… 2015 .jpeg


The Like Economy. How many likes, favorites, and shares do we need to be satisfied?

The Like Economy: Tumblr 2013 .gif
The Like Economy: Facebook 2013 .gif
The Like Economy: Twitter 2013 .gif
The Like Economy: Flickr 2013 .gif
The Like Economy: Instagram 2013 .gif


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